Xatśūll – Cmetēm Website and Facebook Page Policy


This Xatśūll – Cmetēm Facebook page was created as a safe place for Xatśūll community members to learn more about the Treaty and share their views on Treaty with the team and other community members.  We encourage community members to have respectful discussions on the page and to allow others to do so as well.  We will have zero tolerance for foul language, offensive or abusive comments toward our leaders, staff, other community members, or our organizations.  Further:

1.       If a comment is made that violates our policy, an administrator will post a public warning as a [reply/comment] to the offensive or abusive post.  The original post will be deleted as soon as it is seen and a reminder of the policy will be issued on the Xatśūll – Cmetēm Website/Facebook page.

2.      If someone chooses to violate the policy after previously having a post removed for violation, they will be banned from participating in conversations; the ban will be for three (3) months.  After which time the member may re-apply to participate.  If the member again violates the Zero Tolerance Policy, they will be banned permanently.

3.      **IMPORTANT **– Any physical threats to cause harm to the organization(s), its leaders, staff, or community members will be reported to the RCMP.

Sample Policy Violation Public Warning

Your recent [post/comment] on [tool] is in violation of our Zero Tolerance Policy and has been removed.  Please note that any subsequent posts that violate our policy will result in your permanent removal from this discussion forum.

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