Xatśūll Development Corporation

In 2001, the Xatśūll First Nation (Soda Creek Indian Band) decided that the best way to operate its commercial enterprises was through a limited partnership consisting of an incorporated general partner (Xatśūll General Partner Ltd.), which operates businesses, and with a limited partner (which is the current Chief & Council).

The purpose of the partnership is to own and operate various businesses in the Cariboo Region of B.C. Xatśūll General Partner Ltd. is a limited company which acts as the “general partner” and is solely responsible for the operation of Band-owned businesses.

The advantages of this form of business structure are:

  1. It can take advantage of many of the tax exemptions provided to Indian Bands and Registered Indians.
  2. The businesses are operated with limited liability, and at arm’s length from the Band or Chief and Council.
  3. It can provide financial benefit to the band as a whole, and not just the members involved directly in the businesses.
  4. It allows the band to recruit directors for operation from outside the band, when appropriate.
  5. It leaves Chief and Council to the important work of governance and regulation.

Contact Information:

Howard Campbell, Interim CEO

3474A Mountain House Road

Williams Lake, BC  V2G 5L5

Phone: 250-320-3394