We know that parents are the most important influence on a child’s emotional, social, cognitive and language development.  How parents interact with their children plays a key role in the child’s overall development.  Helping parents provide their very young children with a secure, responsive and stimulating environment lays the foundation for the child to develop to her/his potential.

The Goals of the Program

  • To give parents specific ways of connecting and communicating with their child/ren that they can use during everyday activities so they can foster their child/ren’s development;
  • Provide group support
  • Help parents recognize that they have the ability to foster their child’s development, with a focus on social and language development;
  • Build parents’ confidence in their children’s development.
  • Raises parents’ awareness of any developmental needs their child may have so that they can be linked with other services, as required.

To contact the Head Start Coordinator, Lynda Porter:  Click Here

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