Together with the Canim Lake Indian Band, Canoe Creek/Dog Creek Indian Band and Williams Lake Indian Band, the Xat’súll First Nation is negotiating a treaty with British Columbia and Canada as the Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw (“NStQ”).(Northern Shuswap Indians)

The NStQ are at Stage 5 of the B.C. Treaty Process.

Xat’súll community members are becoming impatient with the Treaty Process and have instructed the Xat’súll Treaty Team to address “big picture” issues over the next year. These issues include:

    • Co-management of natural resources throughout the traditional territory;
    • Certainty and extinguishment of Aboriginal Title and Rights;
    • Taxation;
    • Fiscal relations and revenue-sharing.

The Xatśūll Treaty Team consists of Gordon Keener (Treaty Manager) and Ada Phillips, Treaty Executive Assistant.

Gordon Keener

Gordon is a Xatśūll member who joined the team in July 2003 after serving as a Self – Government Coordinator for Canoe Creek Indian Band. He started out as the Self- Coordinator, and recently through the proper process he has been hired on as the Treaty Manager. Anyone with questions about the treaty process or the state of the NStQ negotiations please feel free in contacting Gordon.

Cliff Thorstenson